It’s time for you to
step into the spotlight


Yep, you. The one who’s been avoiding really, fully leaning into this passion, this business, this dream for a long time now and maybe, just maybe, you’re getting sick of yourself. You know there’s more waiting for you and you’re finally willing to go for it. All in. 100%.

Look I get it. You might not actually want to put yourself out there at all. You’ve been hoping that if you just keep your head down and do good work long enough “they” will surely discover you sooner or later and then you can just skip that whole pesky sticking your neck out bit.

But you’ve discovered that making your next big move, whatever that may be, won’t just happen. It’s going to take some guts and some gusto to declare what it is you REALLY want, and start making moves in that direction.

And somehow that has landed you here, with me. So let’s get right to it, huh? I’ll tell you a little bit about what I do, and you can sit back from the safety of your computer to figure out if this might be the kind, loving kick in the ass you’re looking for.

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I work with talented, thoughtful people who love what they do and have a vibrant vision for their life and career.

The only problem is they aren’t sure how to get their work in front of the people who are hungry for what they have to offer, and they’re tired of the feast and famine in business.

Together we work to get clear on their message, overhaul their marketing efforts, and get past their fears so they can skyrocket their confidence, attract clients consistently, and do more of the work they love.

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.
— Arnold H. Glasow

Values & Vision Coaching

1 Month Exploratory

You’re not even sure where you’re going anymore. You’re doing all of the things, but does it light you up? Is it what’s important? Is it getting you closer to your goals? And not just your monthly goals, but your big, juicy life goals?

You’re feeling burned out and things have gotta change. But you don’t even know what would need to be different…

One thing is clear though. You’re ready to come up with a plan so you can stop thinking about it and choose a path for your life’s work that will really help you create the impact that you want to make.

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Mindset & Marketing Coaching

4 Month Intensive

You’re excited to share your work and talents with the world, but you find yourself constantly overwhelmed as you try to figure out your next move.

You know you’ve gotta take a big step so you can grow your business to the next level…But you sometimes worry that you just might not have what it takes. You want to feel clear and confident about your next move.

We’ll work together to help you get past fear and market your work in a way that both you and your customers love and understand.



NOt sure if coaching is for you?

Let’s chat. No pitch, no pressure, I promise!


“I've already paid for the coaching a few times over with the systems we put in place, hiring help, and being way more in control of financial goals.  I feel like I'm finally in the drivers seat of this crazy train, which is priceless.


“I got more value from talking to Katie for one hour on the phone than I have reading back to back business books for a whole year. I needed clarity and she was able to dive deep into my insecurities and helped me find ways to showcase my true personality through my business.”


“She kept me on track by pushing me when I needed it. This was one of the most valuable investments I’ve made for my business.”


“I would recommend your services to anyone who has this thing they want to do but it seems to big or to hard or like they aren’t sure how. You’re truly invested in the success of your clients and if the client wants to do the work there’s a lot to be gained.”