You want to do big things with your time on earth.

You have a vibrant vision for your life, and doing meaningful work that lights you up is a key element to feeling fulfilled.

You’re already doing work you love in some capacity, and while the work is satisfying, the ups and downs of business might just be the death of you.

You know that marketing should be at the top of your priority list, but somehow it always ends up on the back burner because, honestly, it sounds kind of painful and where do you even start?!


Hi, I’m Katie Wood.

I’m a marketing coach and brand strategist who works talented, thoughtful people who love what they do and and are ready to grow their businesses.

The only problem is they’re not sure how to get their work in front of the people who are hungry for what they have to offer, and they’re tired of the feast and famine in their business.

Together we work to get clear on their message, overhaul their websites, and get past their fears so they can attract clients consistently, and make more money doing the work they love.


My Story: The Early Days

I took some time getting into marketing, business, and design, taking detours of the best kind in outdoor education and social work first. Somewhere along the way, I decided to take a risk at a new start-up, joining the founder as the first employee. In classic start-up fashion, I did everything from making sales to shipping orders; from attending tradeshows to scrubbing toilets.

It was a wild ride, but I loved the pace and excitement that came with launching and growing a new business. I found my stride in the marketing and design department however, in hindsight, I realize that what I loved most about this experience was helping my boss take her idea from dream to reality. Some of the actual work wasn’t that glamorous, but I fully bought into supporting her vision.

Over the next several years, I worked with a range of companies, from brick-and-mortar retailers to digital product businesses, and gained tons of valuable experience. I loved coming on board, troubleshooting issues, developing marketing strategies, and giving the brand some “spit and polish” so they could let their business shine.


However, once things were rolling, I lost interest. My passion and strength lie in the launch stage, the makeover stage, the take-it-up-a-notch stage... I knew that I wanted to focus my efforts on creating momentum and maximizing a business, so it was time for me to go out on my own.


Finding The Sweet Spot

Initially, I jumped into freelance work as a marketer, graphic designer, and creative director. I worked with a wide range of clients-- from huge corporations to solopreneurs--on rebranding projects, marketing campaigns, photo shoots, and website launches and got to really hone my skills in the online and brand marketing world.

In between working with these clients, I noticed that friends and small business owners began approaching me more and more with questions about marketing themselves.

I had conversations with so many talented people--artists, coaches, designers, realtors, trainers, athletes--that were doing their thing on the side who I knew could make more of their passions and talents if they put themselves out there, but they needed help getting started.

And I wanted to be that person to help.


Going Big, Er, Small…

Granted, at first, it sounded crazy. Why not keep working for big companies with big budgets? Why choose to work with small companies or individuals who often say they “can’t afford” to hire help?

It may sound like a bad business decision, but I just knew that I wanted to help “the little guy.” And as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I realized I was willing to risk it.


I knew that just doing work that would help some Fortune 500 company improve their fourth quarter earnings would NEVER light me up the way helping an individual or small company would. I knew that in the long run I wanted to be known for helping others bring their genius into the spotlight…that seemed like time well spent to me.

Since I had plenty of experience in marketing and branding businesses, the next step was to round out my skill set even further. To be able to help small business owners with building confidence to take the actions they needed to take, I signed up for coaching training.

This was the game-changer I’d been waiting for!

Coaching was the difference between just giving my clients a good marketing strategy, and actually making it feel good, doable, and like it was in alignment with their values. Helping them overcome fear, create a clear vision for their business, and then execute it was like lightening in a bottle.

I decided to dedicate my work to helping small companies and individuals launch their dream business and to put themselves out there in a way that feels true to them, and helps their talents shine.


Like a Makeover for Your Mind and Marketing

Now, I get to spend my days working exactly the way I want to. I’m a natural born fixer-upper, so helping talented people overhaul their websites, overcome their fears, and create a plan that helps them build traction in their business is so rewarding to me. Not only that, but those clients feel confident about their next steps to attract customers and sell with ease so they can do do great work and enjoy the flexible lifestyle they crave.


Let's turn some heads. Let's make your business a showstopper. 

Want to talk about how we can work together? Sign up for a free consultation:


What else?

As if this page weren’t long enough, here are a few other tid-bits to know:

  • I overinflated my resume years ago to land a job as a raft guide. The first season was brutal and I think I rowed upstream at least 50% of the time.

  • My best work often comes from sitting in the window seat of a plane, even when my knees are being smushed.

  • Scott, my husband, frequently takes advantage of my tendency to be very easily surprised. There are many coffee and wine stains on our carpet from me spilling beverages.

  • My 21st birthday ended in a Bangkok hospital after a minor bar fight. I swear I didn’t start it.

  • The name “Crowheart Creative” comes from my hometown of Crowheart, Wyoming. Population, 300.

  • If you come to my house for a dinner party, I’ll probably strong arm you into playing charades…and you’ll like it.

  • I believe that hiking up a trail or floating in saltwater will cure just about anything that ails you.

  • My happy places with my happy people:

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 10.32.16 AM.png

Client Love

Client Love

I got more value from talking to Katie for one hour on the phone than I have reading back to back business books for a whole year. I needed clarity and she was able to dive deep into my insecurities and helped me find ways to showcase my true personality through my business. She exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her to anyone needing an extra push to bring their business to the next level!
— Fernanda Bertrand, Upstaging Seattle
The biggest result (and also the Granddaddy Gatekeeper to all of the other stuff) is the work we did on fear based thinking and working through it. Other results have been feeling way more organized and confident in sending regular emails, posting to social media and product photography. My email subscribers and followers are consistently on the rise as are sales.

I now have a clearer understanding of my bigger vision and how cultivating the small puzzle pieces will bring the fruit. Also, learning how to plan well in advance for events, promos and product releases. Setting healthy boundaries and setting up canned email responses save me so much time and frustration. Oh yeah, and hiring my first employee!

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what sort of impact the coaching would have on my business but I was excited to find out. 3 months later, I’ve already paid for the coaching a few times over with the systems we put in place, hiring help and being way more in control of financial goals. I feel like I’m finally in the drivers seat of this crazy train, which is priceless. And I’ll most likely end up with less wrinkles.
— Tress Wambeke, TBird Leather
The biggest result and most important to me is my confidence. I was afraid to do SO MUCH when we first started. Now, I feel more confident in my work, in my ability to get my business where I want it to be and to face hard things. I’ve also had achievements financially and I attended a major trade show that I would probably keep putting off if not for my time with you. That trade show also got me a licensing deal. There’s still a lot of work to be done there but without that push I wouldn’t have done that either, but I made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

I would recommend your services to anyone who has this thing they want to do but it seems to big or to hard or like they aren’t sure how. You’re truly invested in the success of your clients and if the client wants to do the work there’s a lot to be gained.
— Audie Cunningham, Audie Rose Designs
Rose Ludwig
I was just a beginner and needed a ton of help with every aspect of my business. She helped me from the ground up to where I feel confident with the first phase of all aspects of my business, including marketing through social media, Facebook content, personal branding, website development, etc. she even supported me emotionally when I was feeling overwhelmed and defeated. She kept me on track by pushing me when I needed it. This was one of the most valuable investments I’ve made for my business. I highly recommend her coaching services for anyone struggling with their business or just needing more guidance, support and accountability.
— Rose Ludwig, Health Coach
Katie has been an amazing sounding board for ideas and strategy through planning our launch. She has asked the hard questions I need to consider but also been a voice of encouragement and enthusiasm. She also just has a great understanding of mountain towns and how small businesses can thrive there. She’s an invaluable resource.
— Christy Smirl, Foxtail Books
anna vanuga
I’m in awe of the service you provide. I am bursting with gratitude for the amazing opportunity I had to work with you for twelve weeks! I honestly can’t thank you enough for building me up and giving me space to grow.
— Anna Vanuga, artist
Collin Leix
I can’t recommend Katie’s ‘SFSM’ more highly. I feel like she unclogged my brain. She helped me see all these ways I was making it way too hard on myself, so I’m coming out with more ideas for posts, many of which are easier, and they feel more authentic than what I had done before. I also learned some new (and pretty important!) aspects about platforms I thought I know well - phew! Katie listened to me & created a plan that was so thoughtfully crafted around what I needed, and even what I’ll need in the future.
— Collin Leix, Little Hill Studio
I would recommend Katie to other coaches and to anyone who needs guidance with their business. She is professional, compassionate, understanding, and a great guide! She always seemed to have compassion, and perfect guidance for wherever I was that day. I’ve gained new clients, new ideas, and new perspective on hard things.
— -Carrie Alexander, Health Coach
hannah brooks
I have moved through some big self-doubt obstacles, with much support from you. I have more belief in myself and in the value of the work I am doing—how important and amazing it is. My copy and branding feels much more clear and clean and in alignment. You really helped me learn how to simplify my words, as well as be more approachable and interact even more from a place of service and “how can I help”, which feels really good. I added two very appropriate offers/programs since our work together began, and it felt weirdly easy to do so with your help. It felt amazing to have someone on my team. I’d felt alone in this for a while. The team spirit lifted me!
— Hannah Brooks, Relationship Coach

Website is amazing! For the first time in years I feel proud of it and like it represents who I am. Cannot thank you enough for getting me through this, I couldn’t have done this with anyone else. I now look at the website first thing everyday and it makes me feel like I appear to have my sh*t together!

- Shannon

You do such amazing work on the first try, very appreciated. Nailed it!


 Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate that you're providing me this kind of support!


 I always feel more steady after your thoughtful emails and questions. Thank you times a million!

This looks amazing. Your advice is awesome! - Scott

 Just wanted to say thanks for your hustle and patience with me on this big project! I LOVE how it turned out. -Lindsay





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