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Free Stuff


I'm a sucker for a good freebie, too

Here's the deal. You don't know me. You're not sure what I can do for you to help you be seen, market yourself, and get clients so you can grow your business...but I'd love the opportunity to give you a little boost RIGHT NOW so you can start taking action. Check out some of these free resources so you can see whether or not I might be the right fit for you. No pressure, just grab the goods!


7 Ways You’re Making Marketing Way Harder Than It Needs To Be…And How To Fix It!

You feel like marketing is a lot like pushing a boulder uphill. It is a struggle. Nothing feels like it’s really working and it certainly isn’t a good time…but chances are you’re making it way harder than it needs to be. The first step is understanding where you might be sabotaging yourself, and the second step is knowing what to do about it so you can create some ease in your marketing efforts.


4 Ways to Stop Overthinking It & Just Get Started on Social Media

You think social media is superficial and that marketing yourself there is kind of sleezy. But you also know that having a presence on social media can really help your business, but you get stuck overthinking it because you're afraid of being obnoxious, or judged, or failing, or...whatever. This guide is designed to help you get unstuck and start putting great info out on social media in a way that feels good to you.  


Morning Ritual Map

Ready to start each day feeling a little bit calmer, more intentional, and less fearful? This 20 minute ritual will make such a difference in your day. Download and print it now (no email required) and start tomorrow on a different note. Grab the entire Calm Mind Kit if you want more!

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Business Brainstorming Session

Every month I offer 3 free 30-minute calls to anyone who'd like to get some clarity around a question/struggle they're having with building their business. This is a no-pressure call (i.e. I won't talk about how you can hire me) where we just figure out what the issue really is, and how you can make progress. You'll be surprised at how powerful these can be!  Here's the link to the form so I can let you know if there's availability now or I'll add you to the waitlist! 

"I appreciated the opportunity I had of speaking with you today.  I have a positive direction to go in now! You’re a great motivator! The session was just what I needed."